Businesses are increasingly utilizing mobility tools and technologies to enable their employees to communicate, collaborate, and work efficiently with each other and their customers to adapt in a fast-paced consumer environment. Consumers are now more than ever enabled with mobile technology that allows them to communicate just about every facet of their needs and wants at any time and place they choose.

Allow us to manage the complete customer life cycle by providing end to end mobile solutions that empower your business and delight your customers. CTI deploys and manages complete solutions comprised of software, infrastructure, connectivity, and services. Our modular methodology allows us to create custom solutions that are easy to use, scalable, and cost effective.

Utilizing state of the art data transmission methods and security models, our solutions work regardless of bandwidth and protocol type.

CTI can enable your mobile customers or partners in the following industries:

Retail Industries and Consumer Products


Tracking: Push alerts for shipment updates, inventory state changes.

Product Scanning: Eliminates the need for expensive mobile bar-code readers. Provides a rich information context for inventory control, customizable for particular use cases.

Security: Support chain of custody protocols using photographs, bar-code scans, and employee information at all stages of the inventory life-cycle.


Branding/Logos/Experience: Our applications seamlessly integrate with your already established brands and customer experiences.

Giveaways/Coupons: Campaign to your customers in real time and receive instant feedback. Send via push, SMS/MMS, or email.

Events/Contests: Host virtual events for all of your customers, in all locations. Translate and localize your content based on customer's location or preference.

Educational Institutions

  • Registrations Apps

  • Gopher Systems

  • Information Kiosk

  • Real Time Class Feeds

Life Sciences

  • Secure Health Care Records Access

  • Medical

Life Sciences

  • Secure Health Care Records Access

  • Medical


  • Staff Augmentation

  • Business to Business

  • Business-to-Consumer

  • Legal

  • Marketing/Communications

  • Finance/Accounting

  • Sales/CRM

Public Utilities

  • Inventory

  • Inspections

  • Field Service

  • Public Agencies

Skills That Make a Meaningful Difference for Your Business

Our team of highly skilled developers, designers, and project managers are dedicated to delivering customized software solutions that cater to your unique business needs.