About CTI

Colworx Technologies, Inc.

CTI is a mobile software services company comprised of consultants, developers, and integrators. We build custom tailored mobile applications based on our clients' business and technical requirements, and integrate these applications into back-end enterprise IT systems. We also supply these expert resources to companies that require staff augmentation or subject matter experts to assist with corporate vision and enterprise mobility solution deployments.

CTI is headquartered in Portland, OR.

Our mission is to increase the productivity and effectiveness of users in the field and on site as well as bring opportunities to the consumer and entertain the end user to increase brand awareness as well as profitability.

Why CTI?
  • Our core business is providing secure, manageable, mobile solutions tailored to each client's business or mission and technical requirements
  • Our team has extensive experience with large-scale mobile software deployments across many industries
  • CTI's modular approach allows for cross platform independence
  • Our development team is highly experienced across multiple mobile software architectures, programming languages, and handheld operating systems (Apple's iOS, Google Android, Windows Phone, and Legacy Systems)
  • CTI can integrate your mobile applications with virtually any backend application, system, or database